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Personalized URL marketing with Fuse

Link campaigns with data collection landing pages

Add new prospects to your marketing database in real-time

Fuse lets you create data collection sites for static marketing channels, enabling prospects to enter their contact information and other relevant content, thus creating new leads to your marketing process.

  • Automatically add new prospects to your campaigns by simply adding a landing page URL to radio, television, print, pay-per-click, your business card, even social media!
  • Build simple applications that allow you to collect more information from new leads with subsequent messaging
  • Automate follow-up messaging to every lead via email, personalized URLs and direct mail
  • Track each lead from the first touch to when they're ready to buy (Sychronized with Salesforce.com or your CRM)

Finally get different marketing channels to work cohesively for you!

An L2 example of integrating data collection sites The multi-channel process

Data collection to Personalized URLs

Data collection to Personalized Email

Data collection to Direct Mail

Putting it all together

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