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Personalized URL marketing with Fuse

Personalized Email Marketing with Fuse

Integrate email with multiple channels

Fuse has email integrated with print, direct mail, data collection landing pages and Personalized URLs.

  • Easily send out emails as part of a multi-channel campaign
  • Direct prospects to a Personalized URL for Better Response
  • Track every prospect that responds to your campaign

Automate the Email production process:

1: Schedule email follow-up in advance (Event notifications, multi-touch campaigns)
2: Send different messages to prospects based on how they responded (No response, Email opened, Clicked on a link, sent a request)
3: Automatically send follow-up emails from your sales team when someone responds
4: Notify sales to make a call to qualified leads immediately
5: Track results in real-time

Multi-Channel Email Marketing

Multi-channel marketing powered by Fuse

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