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Quick Response (QR) Codes

QR Codes link print and mobile customers to the web, opening up interactive conversations with your audience. This allows instant immersion and engagement on every piece of collateral, with just a simple wave of a smartphone.

A QR Code is a two dimensional matrix barcode that stores data, such as a website URL or other information. QR Code scanner applications use your mobile device or smart phone camera to decode the QR Code, then use the decoded information to present relevant content, such as a website by using a decoded URL.

QR Codes in detail:

QR codes in detail

Finder Pattern - Enables scanners to identify the QR Code.

Format Info - What scanners read first when the code is decoded. Contains the mask pattern and error corretion rate.

Timing Pattern - White and black alternating pixel elements used to determine coordinate positioning in the QR Code.

Version Info - Identifies the version for the QR Code.

Encoded Data - Data that needs to be interpreted by the scanner.

Alignment Pattern - Enables QR doce scanners to corrent for distortion when the code is bent or curved.

Quite Zone - Space left around the QR Code for optimal readability. It is suggested that quiet zones are 2-4 modules wide, where a module is the single smallest pixel element of the QR Code.

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