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Personalized URL marketing with Fuse
Vpress Announces Partnership With L2 to Create L2/Core, a Cross Media Campaign Management Tool See images below

Customers can Access the Entire Suite of Vpress and L2 Marketing Tools from One Platform

CHELTENHAM / SAN JOSE ‐ 20 March 2014 ‐ Vpress Ltd., a leading web to print provider, announced today its partnership with San Jose, California-based L2, Inc., an innovator in direct integrated marketing campaigns. The partnership provides current Vpress customers access to L2's Fuse suite of direct marketing tools. The partnership adds social media, direct mail, web, mobile, customized URLs, and email marketing campaigns to Vpress' Coreprint dashboard, enabling agencies and companies to manage every facet of their personalized marketing efforts from a single system using a single database.

The new cross media campaign management tool is called L2/Core.

“Successful marketing campaigns require the ability to completely customise a message to make it relevant wherever your target audience may be,” said Tim Cox, Managing Director of Vpress. “Our partnership with L2 is the latest expansion to the Vpress platform and allows customers to expand their offering way beyond template based print; offering a greater degree of personalisation across whatever kinds of media you're using for your campaign. Research shows that campaigns which combine physical, electronic, and social elements can deliver 50% higher response rates over traditional campaigns. L2/Core allows anyone to launch a campaign using these elements from a single dashboard, using their own or sourced data-as well as data generated during a campaign.”

In addition to fully personalised campaigns, L2/Core allows marketers to adjust for success based on performance. Response rates and data are evaluated, and if results are poor, L2/Core's analytics can help uncover the ways audiences want to be reached. The wide variety of media allow marketers to reach customers when, where, and how they want to be reached, and it does so on the audience's terms.

“Responsive marketing isn't just about putting someone's name on a piece of direct mail,” said Wrich Printz, President and CEO of L2. “Customer data allows you to customise a message to be relevant to their needs and interests-even their location and preferences. This creates a relationship between the brand and the customer, and it's an ongoing one because we allow marketers to respond to customer reactions to campaigns. Cutting through the noise and understanding what customers want makes for more effective campaigns, and ultimately it doesn't waste the customer's time when you provide that person something relevant.”

L2/Core will officially launch in at the Ipex 2014 Conference, March 24-29, in London. For more information about Fuse, visit www.l2soft.com For more information about Coreprint, visit www.vpress.co.uk.

About L2, Inc.
L2 Inc., founded in 2001, is the leading provider of web-based, integrated marketing technology solutions. Leveraging data-centric technologies, L2 solutions engage and track end buyers across digital, mobile and traditional marketing channels. L2's ‘end-to-end’ approach enables marketers and marketing services providers (MSPs) to implement solutions effectively meeting channel marketing needs in any vertical.

About Vpress
For over a decade privately owned Vpress has continued to develop Coreprint leading edge web2print technologies for the print and graphic arts sectors out of its HQ in Cheltenham, UK.

With in-house programming, project management, full support and professional services; Vpress buck the trend in their sector in avoiding outsourced overseas development and hosting. Managing everything within its unrivalled UK development team, from on-going and bespoke development to full hosting and compliance with UK data legislation.

Vpress are active supporters of the BPIF, BOSS and Printers Charity and take pride in its pedigree and justified position as the number 1 provider of web2Print technologies.

About Coreprint
The most mature and widely used web2print platform in the UK - offering rapid deployment capabilities Coreprint remains uncomplicated and easy to use - it is fully scalable and comprehensive offering as much or as little as you need in the online procurement of print or non-print related products involving personalisation, direct mail, Vouchers, Incentive & Reward tools, DAM Digital Asset Management) QR triggers to stock items and merchandising.

Coreprint Web Services allows it to link to any web site, intranet, campaign management suite or tool with open API's making it the one of the most scaleable solutions available.

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L2 Contact Info: Vpress UK Contact Info:
Wrich Printz | CEO Emma Mortiboy | Marketing Manager
E: wprintz@L2soft.com
T: +44 (0) 1242 246 970
E: emma.mortiboy@vpress.co.uk
Tim Cox - Managing Director
T:+44 (0) 1242 246 970
M: +44 (0) 7712 089 767
E: tim.cox@vpress.co.uk

Clarendon House, 42 Clarence Street, Cheltenham.
Gloucestershire GL50 3PL. United Kingdom.
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L2/Core Select Campaign
L2/Core Select Campaign

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L2/Core Create Campaign

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