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Personalized URL marketing with Fuse

L2’s staff can make your marketing vision a reality with no additional staff required on your part. Our team of experts has deployed thousands of campaigns for enterprises over the past decade and offers a variety of services to help you achieve your integrated marketing objectives.

Professional Services

Campaign Design and Consulting:
We help you decide how to build your campaign to maximize the response rates you’re looking for from a mix of marketing channels, messaging, timing and business rules.

Creative Design and Branding:
If your creative team is too swamped to work on your marketing vision or you are between agencies, L2 can bring our creative team into action and design really great print and web designs for you as well as work with you to hone a message that will resonate with your customers and encourage them to engage with you, maximizing the capabilities of multi-channel marketing.

Data Management:
Our team will help design the data elements of your campaign to support the business rules and fields that you need. We will also work with you to support integrating various data sources such as your in-house CRM, customer database or the individual contact lists of your sales reps into a managed environment that will make visualizing and executing your campaigns easy and efficient.

FUSE support:
Many customers use us as an extension of their staff to run the aspects of Fuse that they require to run their business. We offer fully-managed solutions so all you have to do is tell us what you want to do and we get to work making your goals a reality on our platform. While we have hundreds of Fuse users, it’s hard to beat the speed and efficiency of our own engineers making things happen on the platform they designed!

Custom Development:
Do you like what you see in Fuse but want it integrated into your platform or in-house solution? Do you want to design your own UI that meets your particular business need or user experience standards? We can build it! Fuse has a rich set of APIs which allows all the functionality of our product to be extended to any application on the web. We can work with other developers or deliver and entire new product for you that is custom tailored to your needs.

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