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Personalized URL marketing with Fuse
Personalized URLs with Fuse
Fuse generates personalized URLs automatically

A Personalized URL is a marketing website personalized for a specific prospect and accessed via a URL unique to that prospect (typically the URL is created from the prospect's first/last name or other information unique to them). When used effectively with email, direct mail, and data collection pages, Personalized URLs can significantly boost campaign results.

  • Automatically generate Personalized URLs from a Fuse data collection page (you provide the URL in radio, television, print, email). Prospects visit this data collection site and enter their information, which creates a Personalized URL for them and a new lead for you.
  • Speak to each individual with variable text, imagery, links, or any other content, customizing your message for each individual.
  • Create a 2-way conversation with each individual using variable content. The more each individual interacts with their personalized website, the more information is gathered about them, which is used to further personalize the site and direct them to products or services that best meet their needs.
  • Track who responded (even if they did not fill up a contact form) and follow up based on each prospect's response. Automatically send out follow-up email or direct mail for different levels of response, or with more information about a particular product or service the individual selected.
  • L2 hosts your data collection sites and Personalized URLs for you, so you can create and send out personalized campaigns without additional support from your IT department.
  • Notify your sales staff immediately when a prospect submits a form, schedules an appointment or shows interest in your campaign.
Create multiple messages with one template

Many marketers make the mistake of only using Personalized URLs to add a personalized touch to their marketing piece. Personalized URLs are much more than that! Personalized URLs allow you to create highly targeted and relevant messages to each individual and customer segment.

Using Personalized URLs effectively requires making each message relevant to that particular marketing segment. For example, the offer and message you include in each Personalized URL can be varied according to interest, gender and/or purchase frequency. Fuse acheives this using a single template to handle all modifications to the website for each prospect.

Fuse Personalized URLs are interactive

Because each website is tailored to the individual, the website that they visit can be unique to them. Integrating the latest marketing technology like L2's geo-location tool, you can share facts unique to their city/state, locate the nearest store in their vicinity, even provide them directions and tip off the sales staff at that location at the same time.

Documents you share with them can be personalized. For example, you can share with them a variable PDF document based on which aspect of your product they are interested in, or display a flash presentation that speaks to them as an individual.

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