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Personalized URL marketing with Fuse
Fuse Demo Applications

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform can drive any of your marketing applications. Check out the ones we have below.

Trident Demo Application

Trident Demo Application

Explore the different facets of cross media (integrated) communications through this demo application. You will learn how customer data can be turned into highly targeted and effective communications through integrated solutions, combining print, mail, email and web channels. View now

My BluePie Application

My BluePie Application (Savour the taste of Cross Media campaigns)

Meet your customers' demands for complex cross media applications with Fuse.

Take a demo of the My BluePie application created to demonstrate the best practices for interactive cross media campaigns through Fuse. View now

IC Insurance Demo Application

IC Insurance Demo Application

The IC Insurance demo AMP application is designed to explore how integrated custom marketing applications, combining web and print, can greatly enhance marketing efforts through a data-driven sales management portal. View now

Mad Marketing Demo Application

Mad Mad Marketing Campaign (Build your own personalized poster)

Take a short 1 min quiz and determine which marketing archetype you belong to.

The Mad Mad Marketing application demonstrates how you can use Fuse to create variable documents on-demand, personalizing each marketing piece to the individual. View now

Test Drive Fuse - Demo Application

Test Drive 1:1 campaigns

This 60 second "showcase" of Fuse demonstrates all the features and attributes important to your success in 1:1 marketing campaigns. Test drive everything from the personalization engine to the dashboard of automation tools and even if L2's "cup-holder" features fit your marketing needs. View now

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