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L2 Video Presentations

Making 1:1 Campaigns Work!

Making 1:1 campaigns work

Presented by Wrich Printz, President and CEO, this video outlines the multi-channel process and how marketers can improve their marketing campaign results.

Based on an L2 campaign case study, Wrich takes viewers through best practices in 1:1 campaigns including integrating multiple marketing channels, planning for follow-up messages and tracking individual response to each campaign. View now

Climbing the Multi-Channel Mountain (without falling off!)

Climbing the multichannel mountain

Based on a session at On-demand 2009 presented by Wrich Printz, President and CEO, this video outlines how to climb the multi-channel mountain without falling off!

Wrich highlights the different phases of the multi-channel mountain, mistakes to avoid in climbing the multi-channel mountain and how to plan effective multi-channel campaigns. View now

Climbing the Multi-Channel Mountain (Preparing for your climb)

Preparing to climb the multichannel mountain

If you're struggling to get a significant boost in response from your multi-channel campaigns then this educational video will address your concerns.

Wrich, takes you through the resources you need to make your climb up the multi-channel mountain a breeze and illustrates the best practices in multi-channel marketing through a case study. View now

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