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Personalized URL marketing with Fuse
Success Stories
Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd.
Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta Canada branded Automated Marketing Portal (AMP) from L2

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd. achieves channel marketing success with L2’s Automated Marketing Solution. The solution was a fully branded, Automated Marketing Portal (AMP) for Konica Minolta, powered by L2's proprietary Web 2.0 platform - FUSE™. The campaign seamlessly managed serial Emails, Direct Mail, Personalized Brochures, Web forms and dynamically generated pURLs.

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PIP Event Management System
Atomic Media Works logo

Multi-touch Personalized Event Management System.

PIP Printing and Marketing Services, located in Manchester, CT used Fuse to generate a phenomenal response to a discussion on 1:1 personalized communications strategies and integrated marketing by using a multi-touch personalized marketing campaign. Using a comprehensive tracking system, they were able to follow-up with their recipients using the right messaging and channel at the right time and automate the process. By doing this, they generated a phenomenal 27% response to the campaign, 50% of those attended the event.

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Atomic Media Works
Atomic Media Works logo

Personalized Direct Mail Linked to a Personal URL.

Atomic Media Works designed and produced a personalized direct mail linked to a Personalized URL for Metro Nissan of Redlands, a local Nissan dealership for the Redlands area. Tony Wilcox, President of Atomic Media Works, reports a customer ROI of 655% for customers that had not been into the dealership in 9 months and 467% for customers that had not been into the dealership in the past 12 months or more.

Atomic Media Works is a highly specialized advertising and marketing firm that focuses on unique and creative marketing solutions for clients in the automotive industry and other retail business categories.

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An L2 marketing campaign: Mad Mad Marketing
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Personalized Email Linked to a Personal URL.

L2 designed its mad marketing campaign to demonstrate to prospects L2’s capabilities with personal URLs. While the application was designed primarily for distribution via email, it also allowed for lead generation from static channels; visits from its corporate website, Google searches and media sources through a static URL.

Through the campaign, L2 was able to test how prospects responded to various elements in the campaign, quickly make changes to the campaign and increase overall response rates.

Campaign URL: http://madmarketing.l2soft.com

View the case study (PDF) | Whitepaper: Increasing response with 1:1 campaigns (PDF)

United States Postal Service
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Commercial Site for Small Office/Home Office Users

L2 develops and supports the software that drives the USPS NetPost Mailing Online system. Mailing Online offers businesses, approved non-profit organizations and consumers the ability to upload images, content and lists to produce and mail personalized postcards and letters. A variety of discounted postage rates - including nonprofit bulk rates for approved organizations — are offered to the customer base in conjunction with the ability to securely pay online via credit card or stored credit.

This user-friendly service has expanded both the breadth and depth of services that The United States Postal Service can offer. Over 250,000 users have used Mailing Online with 3 million pieces per month currently being printed and delivered by a nationwide network of printers.

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